1.  Patrick Anthony Keane QC
     from the High Court Judiciary
2. Barnaby Joyce MP from Politics!

Political Malfunctions or Political Dishonour?
What functions do our politicians provide, if any?
Extremely unethical misconduct has been unconstitutionally engaged-in by abuses of powers by State of Queensland officers implicated which crimes on their parts are unforgivable. Such abuses of powers by those State & Commonwealth Officers colluding to defame and defraud they clearly were not immune to corruption in relation to these herein outlined unjust State of Queensland adversely and recklessly mishandle matters.

Each State & Federal officer involved have failed in their duty of care owing to the Beneficiary; and each failed to disclose their serious competing and conflicting loyalties to conceal their cronyism and conflicts of interests from the herein Beneficiary and from the Courts, as did their judiciary from the Beneficiary.

Prerogative Intervention by Governor of Queensland
The Governor of Queensland holds Her Majesty's Executive Power in the State of Queensland, as Her Majesty's Represenative; as is Constitutionally vested in Her Majesty (the Crown).

That Prerogative Authority is to now be exercised by the Hand of Her Majesty’s Governor of Queensland; as the Governor of Queensland is also Her Majesty’s Administrator of the Commonwealth of Australia; and as and when needed has the powers of the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia to fill-in as the Governor-General in his absence or if in disability to thereby act in compliance with the Governor of Queensland’s Oath of Allegiance duly given in Alleigence to Her Majesty; and is now officially duty bound to constitutionally invoke and exercise Her Majesty’s Prerogative Command Authority, as is herein out-lined as 'Exceptional Circumstances.'

Adminstrative Defects by The State of Queensland
Based on the not just the facts but also on the evidence which do collectively confirm that, this The State of Queensland (Quuensland Treasury) portion of restitution of Property owing the the benificiary arose directly resultant from many years of consecutively unjust fraudulent misrepresentations by officers of the Commonwealth colluding with officers of the The State of Queensland Courts and which resulted in many years of materially false State of Queensland various levels of Defective Administration after Defective Administration and who constitutionally failed to protect the herein Beneficiary.

As such life over the last two (2+) decades must have been and has been unconstitutionally and unconscionably adverse to the Beneficiary; and to his Invention’s former National and International Businesses. 

Thereby also must have been inhumanely very adverse to the Beneficiary’s wife and children before his wife’s therefrom premature death in February 2007.